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I purchased the Home Journal Business kit and software. The kit was focused mainly on their software which from their point of view is supposed to do all the work.  While software is presented nicely on their website, it is difficult and cumbersome to operate in the field.

I regret purchasing their kit.  You can not call them, only e-mail.  The 800 number they have on their site is some third party fulfillment house.

Registered: 08/07/08
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I made the mistake of purchasing Home Journal Business software too.  Once I received it, they make you buy separate disks for the client.  So it costs you more.

I know what you mean, the Home Journal Business software isn't very user friendly and it takes forever to finish a home inventory for my customers.  With as many jobs as I have, I bought KC Home Inventory kit and software and it is fast and it's easy to use.  I really like being able to make the disk for the client feature and the reports print out nicely. 

Registered: 08/29/08
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Hello everyone,

Just returned my kit to HomeJournalBusiness Big disappointment as well. When I started experimenting with the software, I noticed right away that it was created with MS Access. I could have done that! At any rate, I felt the software was not what I could "seamlessly" use in the field as a comprehensive "business" use type of software that would impress my customers as it did not offer too much more than a very simple and basic maybe for private home use at best. Which really explains my next comments!

In addition, I found elsewhere on the Internet where anyone could order the exact same software for $29.95!!!!   Now what would you say, if by chance you are in a home with a new client and they say to you..."why should I pay for your services using this software when I can get the exact same software for $29.95?! What an awkward position you would be in!! Really, what would you say to them!?

In addition, why would I give a client software to continue on their own to do all future updates, even though it has my name and business contact info? What if they had a friend that wanted to have a home inventory done. If they weren't too dumb, they could simply figure out that all they needed to do was to install the software on their own PC and Viola! Come on!! So would I expect to get referrals from any past clients?

I appreciated the forum, however not too happy to find out that the owner also posted under a few other "assumed" names Urg!!  Deception I'm not too fond of to say the least. REALLY ticked me off!

At any rate when you get right down to it, wouldn't you want to have something unique enough that it would put you in a position to have something great to offer!? Certainly...

Would not at all recommend HOMEJOURNALBUSINESS COM



Registered: 05/11/09
Posts: 13
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This is a huge problem.

How can you run a successful and profitable business if your market has access to the same "gear" that you do, at a fraction of what you pay to get started?


Registered: 05/29/09
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Hi! I haven't start my home inventory business yet and still looking for those programs. Good thing you shared your reviews about the homejournalbusiness com software. At least I m one step closer to choosing the right one for me because I'm gonna remove this now from my current list.

Registered: 05/29/09
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it was indeed an unfortunate thing to happen to you guys..By posting it in here you made us members aware of the real scenario on the homejournalbusiness com site. thanks a lot for this information!!

Registered: 06/06/09
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You know I didn't find any reviews and thought of buying the homejournalbusiness com kit too. Good thing I didn't. Thanks everybody for sharing your complaints here.

Registered: 06/11/09
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Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would give my 2 cents on this subject.  I purchased and am using the HomeJournalBusiness pkg and am, for the most part, pleased with everything so far.  It has a lot of very good information as does the KC Home Inventory pkg I am sure.  However, I do like the look of the software and the final reports better in the KC Home Inventory website and am considering purchasing it as well just for those reasons.  It also seems a little more intuitive than the HomeJournalBusiness software.

As for anyone buying the HJB software or any other home inventory software and doing it themselves...that may be true - I don't know - but if I were already in someone's house and they said to me... "why should I pay for your services using this software when I can get the exact same software for $29.95?!"
Your response should be along the lines of & with a smile on your face...
"Mr. Homeowner I can understand why you would say that, but, I don't think I would be here right now if you were going to do it yourself."
Besides, if you can't handle customer objections, you shouldn't be in this line of work!
There are lots of people out there who just don't want to do it themselves or who, believe it or not, do not own a computer.  The same reasons people pay for other things they could do themselves...mow or fertilize their lawn, wash their cars, paint their homes, etc etc.

Robert Shockley

Registered: 06/06/09
Posts: 36
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Wow shockley. Well said. I didn't looked it that way. You're right when you said "if you can't handle customer objections, you shouldn't be in this line of work!"

Registered: 08/06/09
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its just sad that when times like this Home Journal Business support can't be found.  I've been very happy with KC Home Inventory.


Registered: 11/24/09
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yea im sorry i find it hard to believe that the homejournalbusiness com kit is worth buying and i almost joined the NAHIP com - National Association of Home Inventory Professionals - what a fraud posting under assumed names any how i have read reviews about kc home inventory and rick comes on as himself.  Sounds like homejournalbusiness com should be investigated and reported and about fake customer complaints and rebuttals..


Registered: 04/20/10
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inventory job adI answered an ad for a "job" on craigslist doing this as I currently do inspections for insurance companies for the property side of it.

Anyway, the first thing they required is $295 to become "certified", which THEY happen to provide.

Scam? HCA inventory is the name......haven't been able to find anything on the net on them

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Registered: 11/07/08
Posts: 205
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A few months back HBJ  Home Journal Business had posted on their site some bad things about the software and KC Home Inventory . I wrote a review in defense of KC Home Inventory and their software.  But, by the next  day my comments were removed. I asked the moderator why it was removed. Without any real answer from Fred Knapp. Just a run-around-dbl-talk. I have not been back to his Home Journal Business Forum site since. If he is willing to use deceptive business practices and not allow any one to refute what is being said. Then I don't need to be associated with that type of site. It's clear he's attempting to damage the reputation of KC Home Inventory for his own benefit.

KC Home Inventory has heard many such complaints about the postings on the homejournalbusiness com forum.  A quick review is all it takes to see they are clearly manufactured. 

- The KC Home Inventory Business software works well on all operating systems - including Windows 7 and Mac.


Registered: 04/20/10
Posts: 10
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I read what the folks over at Home Journal Business had to say.  The posts don't look real and they are just plain untrue.

Just my two cents, for what it's worth.



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Registered: 11/07/08
Posts: 205
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The easiest way to compare is to look at them both side-by-side. Open up two windows. Then go to where they both have a video or demo of what their software looks like, then make your own decision about which software to choose. I have and it wasn't Home Journal Business.

Any question feel free to call me.

But, this is what I tell everyone whom I have talked to about this business.


Registered: 03/09/10
Posts: 18
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We have been informed on several occasions by readers of our forum who have posted rebuttals on the forum KC Home Inventory Kit - Disappointed hosted by homejournalbusiness com only to have them promptly deleted.

We urge our visitors to beware of any comparison or review posted in any forum since they are unlikely to provide a truly accurate and objective comparison.

More information may be found on our FAQs for Home Inventory Service Providers page.

Contact KC Home Inventory

Home Inventory Business Forum
KC Home Inventory Business Guide

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Registered: 11/11/10
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I agree with your post. 

Registered: 04/20/10
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I agree with virgo.  homejournalbusiness com should be investigated.

Registered: 02/25/11
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I am a bit confused on Home Journal Business kit. I went to their website and they claim to be the only BBB A+ rated company. I am confused on why people would need both products.

I am very happy with my purchase with KC Home Inventory. I am a insurance producer that is looking to add this product to my personal and business clients.

If anyone has advise please feel free to give it.

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Registered: 09/23/09
Posts: 284
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Every single company can have an A+ from BBB.  You just go to your local  BBB and they will have a form for you to fill out.  The first year, you will have a B rating.  After being in business 1 year, and no complaints, they starting moving it to an A+ Rating.  At least, that's how they do it here.  Mine is A- due to length of time in business.
KC Home Inventory Business Software is all you need. 

-   The rating of the two companies is not in dispute.  It is the deceptive claim that Home Journal Business is the only BBB A+ rated company.

This is clearly untrue since KC Home Inventory has an A+ rating and has had one since the BBB's inception of the rating system. - Admin


Registered: 01/28/11
Posts: 2
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I contacted the BBB and was informed that I would need to be in business for at least 1 year before I would be accepted into the BBB. Then it would be about $30 per month, with I believe an $85 entrance fee. 

The woman who I spoke to also told me that if I had been working in this field prior to starting on my own, then they (BBB) would use that time as my 1 year. 

Just a heads up for anyone thinking about using the BBB right out of the gate. If someone hears differently, let me know so I can re-contact the agent and have a friendly conversation with her. 

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Registered: 09/23/09
Posts: 284
Reply with quote  #22 BBB doesn't charge to just have your rating.  They do however charge for other services that help promote your business.

Registered: 03/21/12
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Hi Guys, I just recently started my home inventory business. I made the grave mistake of purchasing the home journal software. I have finished inventories that I can not get transferred to a CD. Seems to me that Home Journal Business does not take customer support very far. Sense they will not answer a phone call or call you. Only will communicate via email. On the answer machine it states its the fastest way within 3 hrs. Very disappointed. Hard lesson learned. Just need to make some money to be able to up grade to a superior software from what I have been reading.

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Registered: 09/23/09
Posts: 284
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You have tons of support here if you buy the KC Home Inventory software.  We are all here to help one another.  If you have any questions from a users point of view, don't hesitate to call or email. 
I choose KC Home Inventory due to all the calls and emails I made when first looking into this business, They are the only one that would respond.  So customer support meant a great deal to me.  Plus, their software does burn a copy for the customer, easily.

Shelly Billings
Huntsville Home Inventory Specialist
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